[NAFEX] Pollen and Warren Pear

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> It was written:
> As I pored over nursery catalogs lately, I noticed that one catalog
> claims that 'Warren' pear is self-pollinating.  Is this true?  Does it
> actually set good crops by itself?  (I have a small yard).
> My reply:
> Warren is not self fertile.  In fact, like Magness it has such weak scent
that insects are attracted to about everything else.
> For those whom would be content with just a few Warren pears I have two
suggestions.  One espalier the darn tree and then use a paintbrush to hand
pollinate it.  Or, train a six arm palmette form of espalier and graft 3
different varieties, Warren in the middle.   I did this and it was going
very well until the animals girdled the tree at the snow line.   i imagine a
triple "u" espalier would work as well.
> I mention this because I tried the multiple graft "tree" approach with
Warren and Magness.   This simply does not work very well as the insects
avoid the Magness/Warren part of the tree.   However by sandwiching the
Magness/Warren in a tight espalier form the insects seem to stumble over
them on their way the other varieties flowers.
> Once again, the home grower is presented with viable options that are
simply not practical for a commercial orchard.
> By the by, what catalog was this?   This is a very big error.
> All the best,
> the fluffy(supremely confident in his masculinity)bunny
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