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Ed Fackler rocmdw at aye.net
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Lucky (and others)

     You are indeed correct about the pollination/fruitset problems
associated with both Magness/Warren.
     After they are some 4 years old, we'd score each tree at petal fall
just below the lower most lateral to induce flower-bud formation.
     And of course we had sufficent pollinator varieties (most Asian types,
Maxine, Honeysweet, Seckel, etc.) in rows which border the Magness/Warren
     Anyway, with only one exception (a year of severe frost damage), we had
to thin fruit (by hand) in every other year.
     For those who have never eaten these fruits, they are worth the

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> At 08:48 PM 11/3/2002 -0500, you wrote:
> >As I pored over nursery catalogs lately, I noticed that one catalog
> >that 'Warren' pear is self-pollinating.  Is this true?  Does it actually
> >set good crops by itself?  (I have a small yard).
> Everything I've ever read here on the list indicates that Warren(and
> Magness) are pollen-sterile, and will not pollenize themselves, or any
> other pear, for that matter, and that their flowers are not very
> to bees, etc., thus, it seems to be pretty difficult to get them to bear,
> even when appropriate pollenizers are nearby.
> (A bit of semantics here, but the pollenators are the bees/insects, the
> trees themselves are pollenizers - unless you're talking about
> wind-pollenated species, like oaks & hickories)
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