[NAFEX] seed preparation help

Edgar Nutans marillen at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 3 20:48:46 EST 2002

Thanks to everyone who responded with seed preparation help (and help 
and comments on the Southmeadow debacle).

I've got seeds from several Pyrus species and hybrids tucked away in 
damp peat moss in the fridge.  I'll give them some Benlate water in the 
Spring like Lee suggested.  

As I pored over nursery catalogs lately, I noticed that one catalog 
claims that 'Warren' pear is self-pollinating.  Is this true?  Does it 
actually set good crops by itself?  (I have a small yard).

Thanks again,

Zone 8 (Our first frost last week- but it didn't even kill the sweet 
potatoes or basil)

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