[NAFEX] Overlooked apple

Ginda Fisher ginda at concentric.net
Sun Nov 3 16:23:29 EST 2002

One excellent eating apple that gets overlooked a lot is the McCoun - 
it wasn't even listed in the otherwise excellent "Apples for the 20th 
Century".  I guess that it's only grown locally (in the north east).

It is considered a "Macintosh type" apple, and it has a similar flavor 
to the Mac.  To my palette, it is not as rich in aromatics as a good 
mac, but it gets sweeter and keeps a little better than a mac.  It also 
has a terrific crunch.  It is nearly as crunchy as a honeycrisp, but 
it's softer (easier to chew) and juicier than a honeycrisp.  It also 
holds up better in pie and such than a mac, although it can be cooked 
down to a good sauce.  It looks similar to a macintosh, but is not as 
flat, and has slightly square shoulders.

Does anyone know why this apple is so rarely mentioned?  Does it not 
grow well elsewhere?  It is not a rare apple - there's a huge market 
for it in the Boston area.

Ginda Fisher

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