[NAFEX] Gardening Handtool Sourcelist - Rev. 11/3/2002 - http://market-farming.com/gardening-hand-tools.faq

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sun Nov 3 05:24:14 EST 2002

I have just finished updating my Gardening Handtool Sourcelist
with the November 3, 2002 revision, located at:

This contains extensive information and testimony on many different types
and sizes of standard and speciality tools, selected for quality and usefulness.
I try to provide extra information on specific tools that have some
special attribute, usually that its a good one to have in your most-often-used
Most of the sources are in the U.S.A. while there are a few that can actually be
ordered directly from overseas, specifically England (factories and hardware
stores). I own tools from most of the manufacturers listed and will be happy to
provide feedback on any of them.

Looking forward to tilthing raised beds this winter with my T-handled 4-tine
heavy duty Sneeboer digging fork (available from Garrett Wade).

lfl at intrex.net

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