[nafex] Re: Growing peach seeds

crmauch mauch1 at aol.com
Wed Mar 27 16:50:23 EST 2002

My problem is that some of the peaches I've gotten, where I wanted to 
plant the seeds turned out to have shriveled seeds (looked 
undeveloped) inside a normal looking pit.  Any suggestion for weeding 
out these "duds", i.e. floating them on water?

BTW, several months back we got giant Bosc pears from the market 
(Really HUGE).  They had no seeds in them.  Very strange.  Can anyone 
explain this?  I would have guessed that usually undeveloped seeds 
would have caused the fruit to drop.

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6

--- In nafex at y..., davidu9999 at a... wrote:
> Chris,
> I have always planted whole peach pits and have had good 
germination.  T.O. 
> Warren told me years ago that the secret seems to be not to let the 
> dry out prior to planting.  Therefore, you can either plant 
immediately after 
> ripe and keep protected from varmints and they will germinate the 
> spring or store in moist peat until the fall and plant out, or 
store in moist 
> peat until fall and them put into the refrigerator for their 
required cold 
> stratification until planting in the spring.  If you let them dry 
out, it 
> takes two years to germinate.  Of course, you can crack out the 
embryos and 
> get good germination if you are careful.  I always seemed to damage 
more than 
> I saved and it is easier to just plant fresh seed.
> David Ulmer
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