[nafex] Re: Strawberry from seed?

barefootboy47 heathheath at webtv.net
Sat Mar 23 00:47:43 EST 2002

--- In nafex at y..., Thomas Olenio <tolenio at s...> wrote:> > Hello All,> --> Are strawberries difficult from seed?  Lindenberg Seeds Ltd ofManitoba is> offering "temptation" strawberry seed for $3.50 CDN. (about $2.30US).> > Temptation: Red, 2" diameter fruit.  compact almost without runners.> Classified as everbearing.  Not day light sensitive.  Containers or> traditional bed culture.> > Thanks,> TomHello Tom; and Hello All--am new here; am glad to be here.Noticed your post, Tom,--if you haven;t either gone ahead, or decidedagainst your strawberry growing then you might still be interested toknow that if you're still wondering, then, No, strawberries from seedare quite easy, I've found.     At this point I think you might want to consider getting Temptationplants to start with instead of seed, ideal starting time being  butstarting seeds could still bring substantial and worthwhile berriesthis year--especially if you grow in containers so that they can bebrought inside.  They're perennials anyway, so much of your harvest would stand tocome in future years anyway.Perhaps you're well familiar with other everbearing strawberriessometimes used-from plants instead of seeds-- for container-growing.In case not, the following are a couple alternatives for quick results-------The day-neutral Tristar, good in containers since it fruits onunrooted runners like "alpines."   -------Quinault, (a possibly hard to categorize "everbearer" seems tome probably weakly or partially day-neutral) -- also surprisinglydoes fruit on its dangling unrooted runners. Eric.

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