[nafex] Semi-commercial member advertisement: nut & oak seedlings

Lucky Pittman Lucky.Pittman at murraystate.edu
Fri Mar 8 09:39:32 EST 2002

I'm trying to clear out my hobby nursery beds - in the interest of 
promoting family & marital harmony, I've GOT to cut back on planting 
stuff.  But...I've got a lot of stuff to get rid of, and if any NAFEX 
members are interested in any of this material, I'm letting it go 
cheap,cheap, cheap.

If interested, contact me off list, please, and we'll work out details

What I've got available is:

Northern pecan seedlings - mostly seedlings of "Major" from a grove of 
grafted trees(pollen parents could be any of the following: "Posey", 
"Peruque", "Hodge".  Seedling should be hardy & productive in zones 6 & 7, 
maybe in parts of zone 5.
Shagbark hickory - seedlings of "Porter" and a local KY selection "Sinking 
Black walnut - seedlings of a large-nutted local KY selection(thick shell)
Bur oak - seedlings of large-acorn selections from KY, AL, KY,  & OK
Swamp white oak - seedlings of some of Don Cobb's low-tannin selections
BurXSwamp white - F2 seedlings
Swamp whiteXEnglish - F2 seedlings
Overcup oak - AL seedsource
Sawtooth oak - probably have close to 1000 of these - will be discarding 
what I can't find a home for, as I've decided to stick mainly to natives, 
and there's growing concern about sawtooth becoming an invasive species in 
some areas.
English oak - they just don't work for me; powdery mildew eats 'em alive.
Also have a few mixed white oak, chestnut oak, and water oak seedlings, if 
anyone needs 'em.

Most are 1,2, or 3-yr seedlings, grown with benign neglect(i.e., good soil, 
but no fertilizer).  Do have some larger(4-5 yr) pecan seedlings, but 
they're almost too big to hand-dig anymore without sustaining significant 
root damage.

Again, if interested, contact me off-list.
Lucky Pittman
USDA Zone 6
Hopkinsville, KY

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