[NAFEX] speaking of plums

sueandchris sueandchrisduffy at att.net
Mon Jun 17 10:12:45 EDT 2002

    to Charles Paradise,
                                  Hope this message reachas you as this list is still new to me. I just read your plum letter and was most grateful for the useful info that NOBODY else in all of  nafex seems to tell us.
             I have the same pollin.  problems only with 2 blooming cultivars . Luckily
 I have 2 other kinds plus  many grafts coming into bearing next  year.  
      I am not sure these hybrids r even worth the trouble but will taste them soon I hope. I have the nagging doubt that so many northwrners like them  only  because theuy will grow in    rotten   cold zones . Anyway  the Native plums r interesting to have.
            I am curious to see if my many pluots will poll.  these hybrid plums too.
             Thanks  for your helpful  letter.   You may have  saved me more mystery.
                                          Grateful in NJ,
                                                  Chris Duffy,     Stockton, NJ   zone 6
   PS    You taugh me more than our resident plum expert- John  Bunker
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