[NAFEX] Re: Ginko trees fading

Rick Valley bamboogrove at cmug.com
Wed Jun 19 01:55:27 EDT 2002

There are beaucoup female trees on the OSU campus, in the vicinity of the
Forestry Dept., more than the Asians in town can handle. They have a range
of dropping times, usually about when the weather gets really vile, 2nd half
of Nov. sometimes earlier. I'll be gathering this fall, I presume, and I'll
take orders. I think $8/lb + shipping is decent; some seed collector might
do better if they were doing enough to mechanize it, but they don't want
anyone beating the trees or running equipment around 'em at OSU, they'd be
quite nasty about it, due to past experiences.

>>> SAM, FWIW, there is a very large female tree at the capitol in Salem,
> since
>>> you are in Oregon.  It produces quantities of fruit every year (phew, does
>>> it ever).  You have to be quick now, though, as the Asians have discovered
>>> it and they collect the fruit for the seeds, which they eat.  You could
> get
>>> scions from it and graft them to some of your trees.
>>> -Lon Rombough
>> Thanks, Ron.
>> If I am up that way this fall I will look for it.
>> Do you have any idea when it is ripe in Salem?

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