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On Mon, 17 Jun 2002 Ribes60 at aol.com wrote:

> There is indeed a very heavy crop of gooseberries and currants but also a
> heavy crop of mildew, it has rained so much - so often in the past two weeks
> That I have not been able to keep up with it. It sure shows what is resistant
> and what is not. The grass and weeds are also growing at a fantastic rate.


Have you tried any of the AQ10 biofungicide mildew control?

This is a new biologic control that literally eats the mildew.  Mildew
comes and the AQ10 comes out of dormancy and eats, when food supplies
run low, the AQ10 goes dormant.

Here is a quote from a factsheet regarding AQ10;

"AQ10 is the only brand name for the fungus called Ampelomyces quisqualis.
This fungus parasitizes the powdery mildew fungi by growing inside the
threads of growth (hyphae) of the mildew. While A. quisqualis will
parasitize an established visible colony of powdery mildew, the unsightly
mildew colonies will remain visible on the leaves. However, if the spores
of A. quisqualis are present before the mildew becomes visible and
abundant, the biofungicide will prevent the colonies from ever becoming
noticeable. This characteristic makes the A. quisqualis parasite unusually
effective. Most biocontrol organisms require a high abundance of the pest
host in order to build up a high amount of effective biocontrol organism.
AQ10 differs in being most effective before the pest builds up in

In reading another web page, the rate of application is 1 ounce per acre.

AQ10 is registered to Ecogen Inc, I do not know where to buy it.

Talk about having friends in low places (fungi).


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