[NAFEX] Peach leaf curl

John.Mosko at engelhard.com John.Mosko at engelhard.com
Thu Jun 6 10:44:31 EDT 2002


I looked into the disease because I had a problem on my nectarines.  The
available remedies for home growers for peach leaf curl are liquid
lime-sulfur and/or Bravo (available for home use under different brand
names as chlorothalonil).  PLC is actually fairly easy to control but
timing is crucial.  It's too late now.  Apply to drip during spring dormant
season BEFORE buds open.  Be sure to cover all the buds.  For severe cases,
they recommend a fall treatment of the same products when 90% of leaves
have fallen.  Check the labels of these products.

John Mosko

Phil Norris <cousinphil at acadia.net>@lists.ibiblio.org on 06/06/2002
08:48:24 AM

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Sounds like peach leaf curl to me too.  I've had it on my Reliances and
got rid of it fairly easily with a lime sulfur spray I got at Agway.
One application in the fall and another in the early spring did it for
me.  It sure is an ugly looking disease.

Phil Norris
Blue Hill Maine

On Thursday, June 6, 2002, at 07:53 AM, Waite8 at aol.com wrote:

> Hello. I have a Reliance Peach, Zone Five. The leaves have a disease of
> some
> kind. They are curling turning brown and dropping. On some of them is a
> bright red fungus. What might be the problem and what suggestions do
> folks
> have for attacking it? Thanks. Waite Maclin, Maine.

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