[NAFEX] Apples - Vigorous Sprouts

Thomas Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Thu Jun 6 10:34:54 EDT 2002


I have an apple tree that has a trunk with a 1" diameter, three nicley
placed laterals, and a central leader.

The laterals have been tied down to improve the angle of the branches, and
help in earlier fruiting.

As I look at the laterals, each has 2-4 vigorous sprouts going straight
up, about 4" long.

I would like to know why I am waiting for late winter pruning to remove
them?  Part of me thinks there is no reason to waste the trees energy on
vigorous shoots that will be trimmed off.

Would it be wiser to pinch them back (injure them) to make them less
vigorous, while they are small shoots?  I understand that if I cut them
off now, I will get a response of more vigorous shoots, but what about
just stunting them?


Southwest Ontario
Canada Hardiness Zone 6a
(similar to US zone 5)

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