[NAFEX] Re: Plums kill E. coli

LONGDISTSHTR longdistshtr at InfoAve.Net
Tue Jun 4 17:11:32 EDT 2002

 I'd guess it was due to the high sugar content.  One of the best
germicides is sugar. Had a patient who had his leg crushed and repaired
and the surgeon told him to put nothing on it but table sugar.  I just
about fainted. I can't believe that they are going natural.
I think honey (because of the high sugar content) will do the same job
on the listed pathogens. I've heard monks in Nepal have been preserved
in honey.  Honey is a fine desiccant.  Nothing secret.  Most pathogenic
organisms need water to live.  Remove the water and they go to Jesus.
Might be the reason plums are good to keep you going.  (sugars draw the
water out of the intestional  wall and then desiccate the intestional
I hope I don't have to depend on this lousey Plumcot to produce fruit.
What a miserable excuse for a fruit tree. The Dept of Ag. really blew it
on this one.
Thanks Lucky.
Doc Lisenby
SC zone 7/8

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