[NAFEX] Re: Fruit Management Methods

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Mon Jul 29 14:33:07 EDT 2002

Thanks Lon but Summerville is close to Charleston where they get Gulf
Stream influence which is kinda like Florida. The soil and conditions
are good for tea and rice and some orchids. Not the same as here where
we get early frosts.  Wish I had the time to develop a decent pecan but
that takes over 20 years just to get them to bear. I tried that. Your
insight about not getting the varieties you have ordered from where you
used to work really helped me avoid some nurseries. I have a "seckel
pear" I got from that area which I think is a different variety or else
the climate changed it. The June Bugs love it though, as well as the
Japanese Beetles. When I beat them to one, it taste like cardboard.
Won't some scions from this dude?
I should have become an entomologist and would have plenty of
experimental things going on by now. Heard anything from the
Agricultural Service about Imported Fire Ants?  I can see eight nests
from my computer room.  I hear they have a natural enemy fly which lays
eggs which go in the ant's head.  I doubt if the fly will survive the
organo-phosphate insecticides used by some farmers on their soy beans.

Thanks Sam, I went to college in Portland, OR and I remember the
rainfall best of all. We are in a drought condition now. I also remember
the saying about Oregonians that "They don't sunburn, they rust." I
tried a variety of June Berry/Service Berry/Shad Blow which grew
profusely near Portland but not well were you are. Dr. Bullard says his
produce enough for a pie or two and some of you NAFEXers tasted them,
I'm told. From my bushes I got three berries this year and my Hawthorn
fruiting cultivar beat it out by producing twelve berries. Both of these
trees/bushes are eight years old. This was a good year for them (drought
held the insects population down). Thanks for the sympathy, Sam.
I watch the state abbreviations now that a colleague said that one of
his patients told him: "That Kentucky jelly you gave me in foil packages
was tasteless on my toast."
It was KY Jelly for her diaphram.  OR also means operating room as well
as Oregon.  Wish I had become an entomologist.
Doc Lisenby

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