[NAFEX] Apple stem borer

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 24 16:25:54 EDT 2002

>From: Gene Spears <Spears at LMC.edu>
>	I've lost two new trees (Sweet 16 & Chestnut Crab) to apple stem
>borers this year.  Any good control method for this beast?  Can you prevent
>them from entering the stem?

Gene, sorry about your trees. There was a series of posts on this forum a 
year or so ago dealing with using used window screen  to keep out mice.  (I 
have happily found this quite effective). Then one person added that they 
keep out borers also by adding salvaged foam rubber (from an upolstery 
place) to seal the top. It seems the borers enter frairly low down on the 
tree.  Never seen the little monsters myself, just reporting.  Del

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