[NAFEX] garden visits

Sam Franc franc at oregonfast.net
Sat Jul 20 17:09:24 EDT 2002

ted siegan wrote:

> Sam,
> Can't have fruit without flowers. A few kiwi growers I've spoken to 
> around here ( eastern Ma ) don't get flowers until a good 4-5 years; 
> same with pawpaw. I have gotten fruit on ' Itchi' and 'Great Wall' 
>  Kaki Persimmons on 3 year old grafted trees. 
> ted siegan
That is true. that is why you want to plant males at the same time you 
plant females otherwise you will wait 10 or 12 years fro fruit.
I have found that my females have not blossomed till they were 6 or 7 
years old. some of my males blossomed earlier.
Because of our low heat days here it is difficult to ripen them on the 
vine every year.
So I pick before frost and ripen inside in a paper bag.

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