[NAFEX] Bush Cherries

Don Yellman dyellman at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 5 15:08:25 EDT 2002


Dr. Hansen (can't remember his first name) worked with bush cherries for 
many years, I believe at S. Dakota State University.  One of the results 
was Hansen's bush cherry, which I have grown and it fruited quite 
prolifically here.  Don't know if any other commercially marketed 
cultivars came from his work.  I eventually took them out after I 
planted regular cherry trees, because the fruits are smaller than tree 
varieties, and the fruit/pit ratio was such that they did not work well 
in our plunger type pitter.  But they were vigorous growers, and since 
they were developed for the Northern prairies they might work where you 
are located.  As I recall, flavor was not bad.

Rgds, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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