[nafex] Pomona needs submissions!!

victoria l. caron vicaron at gis.net
Fri Jan 18 07:28:20 EST 2002

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Hello all and HELP!!!,
This is the fourth time I've gathered for the Spring issue of Pomona,
but it's the first time that
submissions are not forthcoming. In the past it was considered fortunate
if we could get everyone's work in, often some are saved for upcoming
issues. This year, however, I have had only four submissions, five
counting my own. There are not enough in the kitty to cover what we
need. Maybe it's the times, because the holidays have never interfered
Please, if anyone has something to send in, don't worry about whether or
not others will find it
important enough. We all read everything and it helps to know that some
folks modest projects are just as important as the funded work at our
universities. Here are a few things to help jump start a submission:
Tell about:
 - what hooked you on fruits and or nuts.
 - something you successfully or unsuccessfully have done differently
than 'by the book'
 - any interesting propagation or growing tip.
 - your crop or why you don't have one.
 - positive and negative effects of the weather on disease and insects
damage, yields and quality.
 - interesting anecdotes or stories about individuals who have grown
 - your favorite tool(s) and how you use it.
 - pest problems and/or eradication methods.
 - something you found and would like help identifying.
 - a project or experiment you can not manage and wish someone would.
 - marketing tips.
 - recipes and how to handle all the fruits of your labor that finally
paid off.
 - to dos and to don'ts.
 - on topic book or article, web site or other publication.
 - a poem, limerick or related humorous anecdote or fruit joke.
Please help Pomona. We can't publish without our members involvement.
Don't worry if it's been said
here on the egroup. When you compare the relatively small number of us
that are on the group to the
overall membership, it will be news to most.
I am eagerly and humbly waiting to be swamped with email submissions.
Make my day!!!
Victoria Caron aka ......vic NH

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