[nafex] Re: Pomona needs submissions!!

kgbenson kgbenson at mindspring.com
Sun Jan 20 12:11:13 EST 2002

--- In nafex at y..., Victor Patterson <vsp at f...> wrote:
> Victoria:
>      I am scheduled to take a one day tissue culture class next 
> Dr. Stiff has structured the class for nonprofessionals to use items
> frequently found in the home i.e. kitchen culture. I will forward 
> request to her for a possible submittal.
> Victor

Victor - her website has loads of info, and after you take the class 
you will have the access password to the KCK owners area.  Loads of TC 
protocols there.  And if the protocol you need is not there - she can 
often find the right people in the industry to talk to.  Carol Stiff 
is very knowledgable and the folks that take her classes and order her 
kits are very pleased with the results.

If anyone is interested in TC (and there are more uses than you 
think!) see her website: http://www.kitchenculturekit.com/index.htm

I have e-known Carol for several yeasrs now and you will not find a 
person more generaous with their time and expertise.


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