[nafex] A note of consern about this forum

Greg Miller gsmiller at cet.com
Fri Jan 25 22:49:00 EST 2002

On 24 Jan 2002 at 15:40, Thomas Olenio wrote:

> This has been discussed before.  The simple answer is to move the
> entire group and all it's archives to the NAFEX web page.
> The the list will be stable (no more OneList, Egroups, Yahoo
> shuffles), and the archives will exist as long as NAFEX.
> But that is for the illustrious leaders of NAFEX to handle.  Could
> someone pass me an ice age?

This has been discussed in the past, but I'm not sure that moving the discussion list 
to a web page is necessarily simple or superior.  I assume Tom is talking about 
discussion groups where members post messages to web-based discussion 
threads, that are then accessed through that web page. 

Email offers the following advantages:
1.  No need to frequently check the web page to see what messages have been 
updated.  Messages automatically come to you.
2.  Easy ability to store select messages in an email archive.
3.  Messages can be downloaded and read later while not connected.
4.  More user-friendly for dial-up users (like me) where the time spent loading web 
pages for each post is much slower than viewing in email.

There are advantages to web based message boards
1.  Searchable for past articles, including before the readers subscription.  (However, 
my archive of saved email messages is also available.)
2.  Sorted by collapsable threads (although only to the extent that message headers 
are responses and not new topics.)  

As far as the nuts and bolts, I don't know what software or server configuration is 
necessary for a web based discussion group, or what costs are involved.  (This list 
is FREE.)  So I will have to defer to others about the difficulty of setting up a web-
based discussion list and or paying for it.  (As an aside, if it does involve costs, I 
think there are problems with expecting NAFEX to pick up the tab, since the list has 
members who are not NAFEX members, and many members who do not participate 
in this list.)  

As Tom correctly notes, the final call on this one is up to the board, some of which 
are members of this list.  Perhaps a motivated and generous benefactor could 
handle any associated expenses.  And it sounds like we have a volunteer to do the 
ground work necessary to get it up and keep it running.

Even after this gets resolved in the near term, I somehow get the feeling that it will 
be much less than an ice age before this issue comes up again.

Greg Miller
(Stealth-mode) list administrator 
Spokane, WA
Zone 6

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