[nafex] A note of consern about this forum

Erdman, Jim erdmanj at uwstout.edu
Thu Jan 24 15:31:40 EST 2002


 lostman_amiga said:

>Let me back up a bit. The reason for my consern is the I moderate 
>another forum on Yahoo and the end of last year our mail archive as 
>well as some of the files and bookmarks. To this the day the file area 
>still cant be accessed.  I have sent letter after letter to yahoo to 
>get help. The only reply I got was a prepared help file that did not 
>address my conserns.  After weeks of frustration another moderator 
>tolf me to join the "for-egroup-moderators" forum where some of the 
>help staff hang out and forum questions are answered. The people there  
>have told me the Yahoo dosent answer massages any more, and that the 
>problems that I am facing is quit common.  Yahoo, is going through 
>some company problem and all support has been stopped. 

>"If" this is true, I do not wish this forum's archives to be erased.
>I hope some one knows a way to back up the system. I am posting this 
>note on all my favorite forums in hopes that there may be some way 
>resolving this issue.

This happened on another group that was archived on Yahoo groups, and
someone on the group preserved the archives on their own system, on a web
page, so that forum members could access it and search for topics.  Another
member provided a mirror archive also.  I don't know enough about computers
to know exactly what they did (email taxes my limits.)

I don't know what other possibilities there are, but apparently dealing with
Yahoo isn't one of them.

Jim Erdman, in Menomonie, WI

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