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fuwafuwaosagi fuwafuwausagi at muchomail.com
Tue Jan 15 10:22:12 EST 2002

mark wessel wrote:

This brings me to my next question. I will be travelling around Costa
Rica in late Feb. Does anyone Know of any fruit growers or regions I 
might visit.

My reply:

Costa Rica huh.   You are lucky; it is a paradise.   A few things to 
consider.   Medical insurance...really check this out.  Altitude.  
Costa Rica is hilly at best...the altitudes change frequently and 
often determine what can grow where.   I mention this becasue what is 
grown at one place may or may not grow at another and the cultivation 
technique may be very different.   

Coata Rica is not cheap anymore, but it is worth the time to stake 
out a few areas you like and keep your eyes open.  Find a realator 
and keep in touch.   I am thinking of hopping down to Argentina to 
look at property soon. As Robert Pretcher use to preach the time to 
buy is when blood is runnning in the streets.

NAFEX would probably enjoy a report of what is in the local market 
and a few pictures at the website.  You might want to inquire where 
the produce comes form, how it is transported and the average time 
between picking,transportation, and sale.  

It might also be interesting to find out how farmers and growers are 

Mark wrote:

dreaming of mangoes, papayas,pineapples , fruity rum drinks and 
lovely young ladies fanning me with palm fronds

My reply:

Young ladies from Costa Rica huh.  That is a recipe for trouble if 
ever there was.   Culturally, Costa Rican women are very possesive 
and as jealous as they come.  Actually this can be very 
entertaining.  I was just never able to get them to "oil" up and let 
me film the action.   But it is something to consider...   :)

Of course this "attitude" is exactly why my wife won't let me work in 
Costa Rica.   But I can dream and relive my youth  :)   

Wishing all of you the very best,

the fluffy bunny(who recently found out he enjoys accelerating for 

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