[nafex] Re: Fluff in Florida

redherring at tnaccess.com redherring at tnaccess.com
Fri Jan 11 00:08:19 EST 2002

but what of strawberries, (sure, with plenty of Vapam)
raspberries, (doubtful) blackberries, (I've seen it done)
goose berries, currants, apples, (NO)
pears, (mostly really low life ones)
cherries, (hopeless)
plums, (just barely, not that my parents ever actually got to eat one from
the tree I bought for them)
grapes, (muscadines)
normal garden crops, corn, (my brother seems to be able to grow them all, on
an actual small mountain of horse manure. Few other gardeners do so well
apricots, (don't make me laugh, we can't even grow them in the Deep South of
peaches (Supposedly there are some low chill ones)
etc.  (okra and sweet potatoes, and the local winter squashes do well.
You'll never successfully grow summer squash again.)

     I lived in the hellhole called Florida for 12 years of my life.  I
don't know what terrible thing I did in some former life to deserve that,
but I hope you haven't done anything equally bad.  You can get out of the
worst of the snow without giving up THAT much quality of life.  You see, in
Florida, if you live in an airconditioned house, drive an airconditioned
car, work in an airconditioned office, shop in airconditioned stores, have a
pool full of chemicalized water, a yard full of imported plants, a monthly
spray program for lawn and house, and a twice weekly visit down your road
from the county mosquito fogger truck, you can live almost as well in
Florida as people do in the rest of the country.
     I have already talked one Nafexer out of moving to Florida, rather,
after I discouraged him he went down for a visit and decided suburban
Floridians weren't ready for him and his huge compost piles.  I remember a
good 10 years ago there was a Nafexer who grew all kinds of figs in some
southern state, and he made the mistake of moving to Florida.  Nematodes
killed all his figs. The soil there is wretched, it makes our terrible
Tennessee clay seem wonderful!  The bugs, the nematodes, the constant heat
and humidity, it all makes gardening so unpleasant and frustrating.  Now,
spending January through March in Florida is a different matter entirely.  A
nice motor home or some other arrangement would do.  You get the best of
both climates, and you get to keep all your friends.  Donna

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