[nafex] Re: sandwiching, Ultra Hardy Peaches

woodard214 dwoodard at becon.org
Thu Jan 10 00:20:42 EST 2002

My recollection from Percy Wright's article in the Pomona is that 
Percy's uncle (who did the test) in B.C. used a prairie bred 
cherryplum, a Prunus besseyi/Prunus salicina hybrid, grafted in the 
top of a peach tree for extra hardiness.

I think it might have been a Sapa or Sapalta but my memory peters out 
about there.

I have been told that NAFEX pioneer Fred Ashworth in northern New 
York State (St. Lawrence County) used to bind the branches of small 
peach trees to the vertical and drop old tires around them for winter 
shelter. I don't recall but would guess that he closed off the top of 
this cylinder as well.

Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

--- In nafex at y..., Bernie Nikolai <Nikolai at v...> wrote:
> Percy Wright was a famous horticulturist from the Canadian prairies 
who died
> about 15 or so years ago.  What he stated was that only the peach 
trees that
> had super hardy Saskatchewan plums grafted into the peach tree 
survived a
> test winter in BC.  The peach trees without any Saskatchewan plum 
> in/on them died, and he felt there was some interaction between the 
> hardy Saskatchewan plums and the peach trees that increased 
hardiness of the
> peach trees.  He wasn't sure, but he thought it might have to do 
with the
> peach trees hardening off earlier.
> Re sandwiching, which is grafting a tender cultivar to a hardy 
frame tree,
> and then grafting a hardy cultivar to the end of the tender graft.  
> Bernie Nikolai
> Edmonton, Alberta

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