[nafex] Pawpaw

Lucky Pittman Lucky.Pittman at murraystate.edu
Tue Jan 8 09:26:19 EST 2002

As a kid, roaming the woods & creeks of east-central Alabama, on the zone 
7/8 interface, I never knowingly saw a pawpaw.  However, now that I know 
what they are, I realize they were virtually everywhere throughout the 
woods, along the little creeks, etc.
On my visits 'home', I still have yet to see an A.triloba with 
fruit(they're present, I just never see any with fruit), but have seen a 
couple of dwarf pawpaw, A.parviflora, on my parents' farm, one of 
which(I've named it 'Trash Pile", due to it's location) is loaded with 
fruit every year - they're all small, thumb-size, and mostly seed, but each 
branch is festooned with numerous fruits, usually singles, distributed all 
along their length.  I've never been there at the appropriate time of year 
to sample a ripe fruit, so I can't comment on their flavor.  "Trash Pile" 
is growing on top of a rocky red clay hill, in full sun, with no other 
pawpaws within 100 yds, so it may(?) be self-fertile.  I've grafted it onto 
A.triloba rootstock and have it growing here in KY, where it has survived 
at least two zone 6 winters.
The local native A.triloba, here, have fruits which are usually, as Gordon 
indicated, the size of one or two large to extra-large hen eggs, but there 
are a few groves which routinely produce large fruits, the size of my fist, 
or larger.  Can't say that I've been able to ascertain any appreciable 
difference in fruit quality/taste between one pawpaw and another, though 
I'm hoping some of my grafted selections and named-parentage seedlings will 
prove that there IS a difference.
Lucky Pittman
USDA Zone 6
Hopkinsville, KY

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