[nafex] Re: Is this a Whitney Crab?

edforest2010 edforest55 at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 6 19:02:15 EST 2002

I have still strongly been considering the possibility that it could 
be a Whitney Crab, so far no one has said definatively that it isn't a 
Whitney. In fact Bob Purvis has informed me that they are not always  
round. No one however, has reported, other than myself, that it as the 
most delicious apple they've ever had. (That I suspect won't happen, 
instead I get quizzical looks, as if I'm daft, when I suggest such a 
thing.) It seems that it could be one of three things, Whitney, 
Trailman, or Centennial. I will fruit the last two in a couple of 
years and then I may have an answer.

--- In nafex at y..., Claude Jolicoeur <cjoli at g...> wrote:
> A 13:50 02.01.03 -0000, vous avez écrit :
> >Claude
> >I'm glad to hear its not a Whitney, 
> Kevin,
> Please don't go to the conclusion too quickly - your apple could be 
> even if the picture looked different to me than the Whitneys I have
> harvested... because: 1- the picture is not that sharp, 2- I could 
> something that isn't Whitney, 3- shape and color may vary from one 
> to another.
> My Whitneys were rather round-conical (like a small Lobo) and were 
not as
> red as those of the picture.
> Claude
> this was the evaluation of a local 
> >who may have seen only one applecrab in her life. I really 
> >your opinion of the picture. So you don't think its a Whitney? Is 
> >too oblong for a Whitney? Aren't Whitneys more round?

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