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HDessureault inter.verbis at atreide.net
Thu Jan 3 15:19:33 EST 2002

Hi Scott:
I did try Sonic Bloom in the past, but only the spray as it was available separately from the kit which contained the sound tape. I acquired the spray at a fruit workshop at McDonald College in Montreal (about 10 years ago)and the people selling the Sonic Bloom had a promotional video which demonstrated how to use the product (sound track and all) and showed amazing results in the field which did appear too good to be true.

Basically, the ambiance tape is supposed to create an ideal sound environment for the plants to grow, much like people listen to new age music (the sound of water, birds mixed with music, etc) in order to relax and feel good. It is supposed to be played all day to create a good sound environment, and not only when you spray the product which is recommended once a week during the growing season. I live in an area with mostly natural sounds (no high density of traffic or people, and not much articifial noises) so I decided that the local sounds were as good as what was offered on the tape, so I didn't buy the kit with the sound track, just the concentrate.

I have a bottle of the stuff in front of me as I write this. I did order some more by mail order after my original purchase.
Spray-N-Grow which is the official name of the product, is subtitled "A micronutrient complex that acts as a bio-catalyst". 
Guaranteed analysis:
Iron  .10%
Zinc .05%
Mix only enough to use in 4-6 hours.
1 teaspooon to 16 oz of lukewarm water (80-100 F) and stir. 
Let stand 15 minutes before using. The water will develop an amber or brown colour.

It is not a fertilizer.
I do use seaweed sprays and this is not a seaweed. I don't know what it is but I imagine it is some kind of enzyme or very small organism which develops in warm water, much like a yeast. Maybe there is someone with biochemistry knowledge amongst the group who may be able to offer a better explanation....

Contrarily to what someone said, you do not mist this product in the morning or during a sunny day, but in the evening or on an overcasted day because in the morning the spray would mix with the dew and run off and during the day the sun would have a quick drying action. You want this spray to stay on the leaves for a while.

Something does happen when this product is sprayed. After an application, the new leaves that subsequently grow are much larger. 

Is the spray cost-efficient in terms of yield or meant to be use on a large scale outdoors? That is another story. 

A friend of mine was using it in his greenhouse and showed me some plants where you could see the difference in the size of the leaves from the moment he started using the spray. I have noticed similar results with houseplants. For instance, one of my house vine started producing leaves that were almost one third larger than the previous ones on the same branch a couple of weeks after spraying. The stems became larger and sturdier too. So, larger leaves means bigger plants and probably bigger yields. I used it for seedlings for a few years with good results although I did not do a comparative test without. It is possible that I was spending more time with my seedlings to which they responded favorably...!!!

For small scale use, it is reasonnably cheap. (8 oz to produce 8 gallon of the spray, at a cost of 14 $ CD). I just tested the content of my bottle purchased 4 years ago and the water turned pale brown, so the micro organism is still active after all this time.

I think this product acts as a growth enhancer, but needs to be used in a controlled environment for best results. 
Someone mentioned once that it improves the photosynthesis process....??
I remember reading a report where someone declared that simply watering house plant with the product also enhanced the growth of the plant.

In my opinion, the kit per se is a marketing venture and too expensive, but I think the concentrate has some merits in certain circumstances. 

I have an address where to buy the concentrate in Houston,Texas and also in Calgary, Alberta.

Now that you reminded me of this, I think I will apply a little Spray-N-Grow on my houseplants... 

Hélène, zone 3

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