[nafex] Re: Is this a Whitney Crab?

edforest2010 edforest55 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 3 08:50:52 EST 2002

I'm glad to hear its not a Whitney, this was the evaluation of a local 
who may have seen only one applecrab in her life. I really appreciate 
your opinion of the picture. So you don't think its a Whitney? Is it 
too oblong for a Whitney? Aren't Whitneys more round?
It definately isn't a Kerr. I have Kerrs. And its not a Chestnut Crab, 
have those too. Could it be a Centennial or Trailman, something from 
Jung's, I'll have to find an old Jung catalog and find out the 
Kevin B

--- In nafex at y..., Claude Jolicoeur <cjoli at g...> wrote:
> Kevin,
> I had a look at the picture and these apples appear different than 
> Whitney's I have harvested. Yours look a bit like Kerr. Now, it is 
> possible that my Whitney is a bad identification...
> About Kerr, I must say that those I harvested this summer were the 
> amazing fruit I have tasted in my life - such a mixture of high 
sugar, high
> acidity with strawberry aftertaste was just incredible.
> You can see a picture of Kerr at the following WWW page:
> http://www.alaska.net/~lammers/Kerr.jpg
> and compare with the one you tasted.
> Claude
> A 20:15 01.12.31 -0000, vous avez écrit :
> >If you know what a Whitney Crab looks like, please click on 
> >to the left of your screen, under where you usually click on 
> >"Messages" (yes in Yahoo groups, its right over there to the left, 
> >little further, yeah that's right, click on Photos and you'll see a 
> >new screen with a thumbnail that says "Whitney Maybe", click on it 
> >enlarge it.)
> >
> >My friend planted a tree many years ago, somebody came by and said 
> >was a Whitney Crab. I never much cared what it was until last 
> >when it was decidedly the best apple I've ever had. I had tasted it 
> >for many years but wasn't impressed, but this year, wow.
> >Anyway, I don't expect that you can say for sure that it is a 
> >but can anyone say for sure that it isn't? (I've never seen one) 
> >flesh is yellow, the flavor is intense, highly sweet and tart. 
> >that way for about a week and then becomes mealy.
> >
> >Thanks much
> >Kevin B
> >

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