[nafex] raspberry sources?

Ginda Fisher ginda at concentric.net
Thu Feb 14 21:53:37 EST 2002

Raspberries are actually the only thing I didn't pay retail for - I
bought them from a local guy who was "farming" to maintain farm taxes on
his land.  They spread fairly quickly, though, so you can be a little
stingy and buy fewer canes and wait a bit longer for them to fill in.

I don't want to write too much, because I just wrote a piece on my
raspberries for Pomona, and if I write it all here, you'll all be bored
with the print version.  :)

I will second Donna on two counts:  Heritage is not a very tasty
raspberry, and fall-bearers give the home grower more weeks of fresh
berries.  I'm growing Fall Red raspberries (which my source bought from
Miller, http://www.millernurseries.com/) which are softer than Heritage,
but much tastier.  I'm very happy with them.

Ginda Fisher
eastern Mass, zone 6

redherring at tnaccess.com wrote:
> I have finally decided to break down and buy some red raspberries (a real
> concession, because as a proper NAFEXer should, I have gotten most of my
> stock free or swapped for it.  Now and then I actually spend money though).
> I have found websites for Pense, Indiana Berry, Winfrey, and I've read there
> is a Nourse company.  I have been very pleased at the prices, somehow I
> always seemed to have seen raspberry plants in general nursery catalogs at
> horrific prices like $16 for 3.  Can you all tell me if you have had good or
> bad experiences with these companies, or is there a better source?  In
> general, I prefer to buy nursery stock from this side of the Rockies.
>     I've taken notes from the many comments on varieties and flavor, but
> more would also be welcome.  I'd not been interested in raspberries because
> the only gardener I knew who grew them must have been growing "Dorman",
> listed as only "fair" flavor.  (We don't generally have access to farmers
> markets here, this place is exactly backward enough to have neither old
> fashioned farmers markets, nor trendy new ones. They've finally built a
> place for the trendy new type for next summer.  Maybe I;ll have a bumper
> crop and be forced to set up there.)  I've tasted some at Hectors since that
> were excellent.  Thanks all.  Donna      Tenn, zone 6 in the 1980's, zone 7
> in the 1990's
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