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Fri Feb 22 09:09:33 EST 2002

Hi Ginda,

Puget Gold is an excellent choice for your location in view of your 
climatic zone and rainfall situation.   Any one of the Harrow series 
apricots--Harcot, Harogem, Harval, Hargrand, Harglow, and Harlayne, in 
order of ripening--would be good also since they are from Ontario 
province, but I would go for the last three as my choices.   Cummins 
Nursery in Geneva, NY sells them but they are out; however, Raintree 
Nursery in Morton WA sells Harglow.   Jerseycot (I am grafting some trees 
for NAFEX members this spring) and Tomcot (Raintree has it) would be good 
choices for early-ripening apricots; Puget Gold, Harglow, and especially 
Harlayne ripen a month later than they do.   I've eaten all these except 
Harogem and Harval, and they all rank high in the flavor department!

The NY Cooperative Extension Service has published a very good bulletin on 
growing apricots, which I have, and if you like I could send you a copy of 
it.   Cost for copying and mailing would be $2, and of course I would need 
your name & address.

Bob Purvis
MN Ag Statistics Service

Ginda Fisher <ginda at>
02/21/2002 09:26 PM
Please respond to ginda

        To:     rpurvis at
        Subject:        NAFEX - apricots

Hi, I'm interested in trying to grow apricots in Massachusetts.  I've
ordered a Puget Gold on a full size stock and am also looking at the
miniature apricot sold by Stark Nurseries.

Any comments, advice, suggestions, etc. would be appreciated.

Ginda Fisher
eastern Mass, zone 6

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