[nafex] Raspberry Sources

Don Yellman dyellman at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 15 02:41:59 EST 2002


   After trying Taylor, Latham, Heritage, and Hilton, I had just about 
given up on growing  red raspberries, due to poor productivity, quality 
problems (molds, crumbly berries), and lack of vigor.  At the 
recommendation of a West Coast Nafexer (now I can't remember who it 
was), I planted a berry called Baba or Bababerry, and am now producing 
major amounts of excellent raspberries.  Baba is originally a California 
berry, but is doing just great for me in humid, disease-ridden Northern 
Virginia.  It bears continuously from July through October.  Really.  On 
first-year canes.   I think the Baba flavor is just great, even allowing 
for the fact that this is a subjective judgment.

   Oddly, few nurseries carry it, and no midwestern or eastern nurseries 
that I know of.  I have ordered from Indiana Berry & Plant (But what's 
this business of selling all those banners and blowup figures?) and I 
think they are fine, but they don't carry Baba.  I am cleaning up my 
berry beds this week, and would be happy to send you a half-dozen plants 
or so, and you can't beat my prices.  Basically, I sell for nothing 
other than postage.  I know that viruses are always a consideration with 
raspberries, but, I must say, my plants look healthy as horses, and have 
shown no signs of wilts or viruses of any kind.  If you want to try 
Baba, e-mail me off the board.

Rgds, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA  

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