[nafex] raspberry sources?

redherring at tnaccess.com redherring at tnaccess.com
Thu Feb 14 21:05:31 EST 2002

I have finally decided to break down and buy some red raspberries (a real
concession, because as a proper NAFEXer should, I have gotten most of my
stock free or swapped for it.  Now and then I actually spend money though).
I have found websites for Pense, Indiana Berry, Winfrey, and I've read there
is a Nourse company.  I have been very pleased at the prices, somehow I
always seemed to have seen raspberry plants in general nursery catalogs at
horrific prices like $16 for 3.  Can you all tell me if you have had good or
bad experiences with these companies, or is there a better source?  In
general, I prefer to buy nursery stock from this side of the Rockies.
    I've taken notes from the many comments on varieties and flavor, but
more would also be welcome.  I'd not been interested in raspberries because
the only gardener I knew who grew them must have been growing "Dorman",
listed as only "fair" flavor.  (We don't generally have access to farmers
markets here, this place is exactly backward enough to have neither old
fashioned farmers markets, nor trendy new ones. They've finally built a
place for the trendy new type for next summer.  Maybe I;ll have a bumper
crop and be forced to set up there.)  I've tasted some at Hectors since that
were excellent.  Thanks all.  Donna      Tenn, zone 6 in the 1980's, zone 7
in the 1990's

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