[nafex] Re: Crataegus fruits

redherring at tnaccess.com redherring at tnaccess.com
Fri Feb 8 08:28:40 EST 2002

Yes, I bought some haw fruit leather sticks at an oriental grocery, and the
flavor is nice.  I don't do jelly either, so unless I can find some other
use for a fruit, I won't bother with it.  I expect you can make a "butter"
rather than a jelly, to me that's a lot more flavor and far less sugar, plus
it's worth spooning some into some kind of dessert for flavoring.  I've made
plenty of apple butter from dolgo crabapples, just pick (this is where the
small size can be a bit much, in fact, this is why women were invented,
because they are patient when it somes to tedious work like picking up 2-3
gallons of dolgos), slosh in a bucket to wash, cook with minimum water,
sieve, add half as much water, maybe some spice, and cook them down a bit.
    Chris Inhulsen's complaint about mayhaws was that they get a rust, and
he said if they have to be sprayed, they aren;t worth it.  He sprays his
garden, but as a minor fruit, as especially as a fruit native to the south
(he's in GA), he expects mayhaws to be carefree.  I have a few mayhaws up
here in Tennessee, and though they haven't fruited yet, they don't seem to
get foliage diseases.
    Now that Lucky mentions it, none of my cherry haws from Richard Fahey
came up.  I thought they sounded like a really good idea.  I spent 3 years
in England, and hawthorns are so lovely in bloom, in shape, and in fruit,
that I have wanted to grow some, but they have a reputation for disease.
Mayhaws are what I bought, and they do look pretty in bloom.  I hear Richard
is very generous with the seed, mine were passed on from someone else who
ordered them.
    Richard offers scions?  I got some hawthorn rootstock in error, wonder
if they would do?  I guess mayhaw grafts on them fine.  Donna

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