[NAFEX] autumn bliss

Ginda Fisher ginda at concentric.net
Mon Aug 26 21:46:27 EDT 2002

Two years ago I had plenty of rain for the health of my canes, (fall 
red) but noticed that rainfall triggered ripening.  Last year, I 
irrigated fairly heavily, and got an earlier (and larger) crop.  This 
year, the canes were nearly destroyed by squirrels climbing through them 
to get at the ripening berries, so it's hard to say, but I did get an 
early crop which I attribute to irrigation.  (But a short crop. . . I 
need to train my kittens.)


On Monday, August 26, 2002, at 09:27 PM, del stubbs wrote:

>> You might want to run some irrigation trials on Autumn Bliss.   My 
>> experience has been maturation is strongly correlated to percipitation 
>> with that variety.
> Dear Fluffster, we have not had any of the drought of so much of the 
> country, ground has never so much as cracked all summer, I would 
> proffer an average of  1" week easily.     Grown in rich garden soil 
> over clay on a good slope.  How Does the the precip sound for these 
> raspberries?  If too much is the problem, I am at natures mercy.  Del
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