[NAFEX] orchard ground-cover options

Thomas Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Fri Aug 9 21:24:47 EDT 2002

Joe and Ellen Hecksel wrote:

<snip> Another strategy would be to have a vegetation free zone 4' around the tree's trunk.  That
requires a herbicide mix like Round-up and Simazine or a black plastic mulch.  Not an option if
you are of the organic school.


Just out of curiosity...

Has anyone tried using the large round bales of hay/straw for a mulch mat?

You would just need to unwind it, cut off 4' lengths, put a slit into it, and slide it around the

In the fall the mat could be removed.

It would definately prove to be a good mulch, and could be moved back into place in the spring.

I know they are using them in a similar manner for mats for cows in dairy barns, so they do stand


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