[nafex] liberty apple

Ginda Fisher ginda at concentric.net
Sat Sep 29 23:53:47 EDT 2001

I have to second that.  As I said before, I think the Liberty is a fine
eating apple.  But just today I bought one that was under ripe.  It
looked fine, and the texture was great, but it wasn't very sweet and
didn't have any of the aromatics that make it so tasty.  In fact, if was
barely worth eating.

When it is overripe, it gets very mushy and mealy, but also has a very
rich, complex aromatic flavor.  If it goes too far, it just tastes weird
and unpleasant, but I've wondered if you couldn't make a fine cider with
some slightly overripe Liberties.

Ginda Fisher

Yorrba wrote:
> With all the interesting and disparate experiences with Liberty, I just had to put in my two cents worth.
> I grew Liberty apples in North Georgia.  If picked red ripe (but not easily parting from the stem), they were
> awful- tasteless.  If left to ripen longer (when they separated with a half-twist or when the birds starting
> pecking holes in them) they were incredibly tasty- rich flavor and surprisingly sweet.  Growers in that part of
> the country cannot grow edible Macs or many of Mac offspring (Cortland sometimes was barely edible in the
> higher elevation Georgia orchards).  The Macs, Cortlands and Macouns I've eaten from New York and
> Canadian orchards were quite tasty.  I planted Liberty because I wanted to test its disease resistance- I had
> no real hopes for it as a good eating apple for the South.  Now it is one of my favorites when it is ripened
> properly.
> Yorrba

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