[nafex] Re: Off Topic - Secure Spray Equipment

Tom Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Wed Sep 26 16:50:46 EDT 2001

Ed & Pat Fackler wrote:

> These sorts of things get real goofy real quick-like.  And
> Fluff, you are correct in your comments below.  Again, no
> harm intended in any way.

Hi Ed,

This is a real sensitive topic for me, and has me really
bothered, and if you want to see "goofy quick-like", look at
what I found delivered to me from a foriegn language Yahoo
Group on August 14th.

I have been told by an Internet Security Specialist that it
was the real deal, and maybe if I had done something more
than just forwarding it to the local press when I recieved
it, the events of September 11th could maybe have been

The reason I did not forward the message to the authorities
on 8/14 was the exact hot button you just pressed.  I
figured I would be labled paranoid, or a fear monger

Remembering the message of August 14th I forwarded it to the
RCMP when the attack happened on 9/11.  They forwarded it to
CICS (Canadian CIA), and from there it went on to the FBI.

You want to see it, here it is;  (my only advice is to not
follow any links as they lead to Saudi Arabia, and you
cannot touch a web page without leaving a footprint of your
own, traceable to you)


It is believed by some specialists that the email is a
message within a message, and telegraphed instructions to

Being stupid, after reporting the damned thing I started
following clues within it and found that Yahoo Groups has
been used for many evil deeds, and Yahoo Groups allows
terrorists to run hacker groups, and all sorts of crap;

The name of the Yahoo Group is: "arab-hackz · penetrate
systems not to destroy! "

The attackers have left a trail a mile wide across the
internet, if you start looking for it.

So if I over reacted to being called paranoid, I cannot say
I am sorry, as I am not.  If I had not been so concerned
with being called paranoid back in August, possibly 6000+
people might still be alive.

Things do get goofy quick-like don't they Ed? But only if we
let them by doing nothing.


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