[nafex] Re: Cornus Kousa fruit

Robert H. lostman_amiga at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 4 14:35:27 EDT 2001

The one I had may not have been fully ripe.  They were red, but I dont 
have any real knowledge of the fruits ripeness. The seem to be falling 
for the tree.

So would you say that the Big Apple variety it about the same or worst 
that the the smaller variety? 

Also has anyone tried them them cooked or canned?

--- In nafex at y..., rick valley <bamboogrove at c...> wrote:
> >>I stumbled across a Corus Kousa tree today, and I was anxious to 
> >>its fruit.  I was surprised in how sweet it was, though the skin 
was a
> >>little bitter and the flesh was very mealy. I was wondering what 
> >>people thought of the fruit and is there a way of getting rid of 
> >>mealyness.  Better yet, are there any varieties that are superior?
> >
> >Don't know how much selection has been made for fruit quality, as 
> >has principally been utilized as an ornamental, in this country, 
but there 
> >are at least a couple of selections that have been made, based on 
> >fruit size.  "Big Apple" is one, listed by Mike Dirr, in his Manual 
> >Woody Landscape Plants(don't have it here at the office, so I don't 
> >where it's available).
> I have (surprise surprise) not found that flavor and texture are 
> automatically superior in large fruited trees. I like them best when 
> can just bite a tiny hole in the fruit and suck it dry- "custard 
> I guess you could say. "Mealy" sounds dreadful, and I've experienced 
> mealy kousa fruit, although it can also be mealy when it isn't soft 
> enough yet. Anyone who's not stuck in pre-conceptions of what a 
fruit is 
> supposed to be, likes a good kousa fruit... most young children seem 
> take to them.
> -Rick

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