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--- In nafex at y..., John Bunker <jbunker at p...> wrote:
> ...we'd like to be exposing Mainers to apples that are
> particularly suited to pies and sauce.
> Do you have a favorite single variety pie apple or sauce apple?  If 
> so, please share with us what it is and why.

Cox's Orange Pippin is about the best sauce apple of my experience, 
as well as being my favourite fresh eating apple. As it breaks down 
less than many, I surmise it would also make an excellent pie.

Northern Spy makes very good pie and sauce - very good for fresh 
eating too when the ground colour has some yellow in it. Spies also 
make a good baked apple. I used to remove the core and fill the space 
with a mixture of honey, lemon juice, walnuts, sunflower seeds and 

I was very impressed with a pie of Margaret Pratt that I bought at 
Belleville farmers' market in August years ago. But you are not 
likely to find it outside of Ontario, or in Ontario either these 
days. I understand it is similar to Duchess (of Oldenburg), and if my 
memory serves is a seedling of Duchess, ripeming a few weeks earlier.

Duchess itself is well thought of for pies and sauce.

Wealthy makes a well flavoured sauce, but cooks too mushy for a good 

Rhode Island Greening is well thought of also among Ontario 
traditionalists for pie and sauce, for those, it is said, who like a 
mild mellow flavour. I have no personal experience of it.

I have the fondest memories of my mother's apple dumplings, but I 
have no idea what apples she used for them - likely whatever the 
stores around Montreal were selling, which may have been Spies from 
Prince Edward County (the best) often enough.

Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario

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