[nafex] Re: Persimmon recommendations for zone 5

Sam Franc franc at oregonfast.net
Sat Oct 6 15:20:41 EDT 2001

My experience on the Oregon coast with persimmons is a complete bust.
I have 5 american ones. One is early golden and another is rick. The
other 3 are seedlings. They are all about 10 years old with no sign of
any blooms yet. The tallest one is the early golden and it is only 5
feet high but spreads to about 8 feet. I have one oriental, Tanenashi,
and it is only 4 feet high. It has never bloomed either.
I believe it must not get warm enough here even though we have a very
long growing season.
The deer love the leaves of both varieties.

edforest55 at hotmail.com wrote:

> I have three messages, one each for Lon, Gordon, and Lee:
> Lon,
> I recall you saying that before about some persimmon variety
> producing seeds in some areas and not others, but didn't recall it
> was Meader. I did do an archive search on this topic and don't know
> why I didn't pick up your previouis post on this. Anyway, it looks
> like, if I don't want seeds, which sounds like a huge marketing
> advantage, especially for a smaller persimmon, assuming quality is
> equivalent to seeded fruits, then it seems like I might try to grow a
> row of Meaders in hopes that at least some of the branches will be
> male.
> Which brings me to my question: Are you implying that if the fruit of
> a Meader is "pollenized" by a male branch from a Meader, that it will
> either not bear fruit at all (if in the wrong location) or will bear
> seedless fruits (as in Oregon)as long as there aren't any other male

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