[nafex] Fall rasp. choices

Ginda Fisher ginda at concentric.net
Fri Nov 2 10:01:31 EST 2001

I'm growing Fall Red raspberries in zone 6, eastern MA.  I don't know
how the timing compares to the others you mention, but they seem pretty
frost resistant.  We've had a couple of nights in the 20s.  The tomatoes
are black, the basil is long gone.  The last few berries continue to
ripen, with no protection at all.  I just picked some today, and while
some were overripe (the end of daylight savings time means it's dark
when i get home, so I don't pick berries) several were terrific - as
good as at the height of the season.

I remember being surprised last year that the raspberries kept ripening
after we'd had some frosts, so I don't think this is just a fluke.  The
row does have excellent air drainage, but I actually saw frost on the
leaves, so I'm sure they got cold.  One downside is that they don't seem
to stop flowering until it gets pretty chilly.

I think the quality is pretty good.  Certainly better than Heritage
(which always tastes dry and bland to me.)  The berries range from
smallish to medium in size, and I don't know what zone they are rated

Ginda Fisher

del stubbs wrote:
> A kind nafexer emailed me suggesting I look into Polana & August Red as an
> alternative to Autumn Bliss for our early frost climate.(z2/3)
> This is the 3rd year for our autumn bliss, they had a bumper crop, which I
> had to frost protect with a hoop house. That worked well until it got below
> 20 outside, but I'd rather not bother.
> Supposedly the above metioned fall bearers are significantly earlier, can
> anyone attest to this?   or to comparable fruit quality? any other early
> fall bearers I should consider?  thanks!,  Mn. Del
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