[nafex] raisin tree

Suzi Teghtmeyer srt175f at smsu.edu
Fri Nov 30 12:49:35 EST 2001

The book below has the chapter: Rasin Tree (Hovenia dulcis): Candied Fruit 
for the Picking, page 95-99; IN: Uncommon fruits worthy of attention: a 
gardener's guide / Lee Reich ; illustrations by Vicki Herzfeld Arlein.
Nice treatise on the raisin tree, but no directions on how to make tree 
honey.  My Chinese colleagues here at the Station don't know, either.

-----Suzi Teghtmeyer

At 04:18 PM 11/30/2001 +0000, Robert H. wrote:
>You know all this talk about odd trees and their fruit reminded me of
>one I tasted 2 months ago. Just like the  shipova (Pyrus x Sorbus). I
>always heard it wasent anything to get excited about; at most it was
>just a novelty to tease your friends.  But I went to a fellow member's
>orchard (Lester Davis)a while back and he had one with its "fruit"
>falling around everywhere. When I came back home a tried it, I was
>quite surprized how tasty it was (or at least as a novelty). Beyond
>the fact that it is a very odd looking fruit; not something that I
>would look at and want to eat. It looks like dryed worms, and that its
>kinda dry, chewy like a fruit leather, I found the taste to be quite
>nice.  Very honey sweet almost tangy. One friend said it was like wine
>grape raisin, but I found it the same but leaning toward a sweet
>potatao flavor.
>Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had done anything with this fruit.
>It seems like it could make a nice tart. Im read that there is a drink
>called "tree honey" made from it. I cant find any recipe.
>Anyone would like to share there thoughts (or recipes) on it?

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