[nafex] prunus grafting results

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 23 20:47:15 EST 2001

This fall I mentioned my experiments with mini budgrafting. The photos are 
still on the yahoo site  <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nafex/files/>
Some of these were with 1/16" dia. bud stock, so I came up with a variation. 
Here's the results......

Pembina and alderman plums onto wild choke cherry rootstock 8 grafts, 0 
Unknown local producing apricot onto manchurian apricot...8 grafts, 4 takes
Pembina and alderman onto prunus americana 11 grafts, 5 takes
Evans cherry onto wild choke cherry 6 grafts, o takes

by 'takes' I mean that as of a week ago these showed green under bark and 
good adhesion and somewhat turgid bud

notes....I have done probably 50 attempts at various bud graftings over the 
last several years with abissmal success (grand failure?)
So, for me, 50% is wonderful!

My malus w&t grafts have run as high as 90%, my only successful bud grafts 
until now were chestnut crab onto m. prunifolia. Maybe apples just are 
easier to graft period?

I picked on a wild choke cherry bush because it seems so happy with the 
prunus maritima w&t grafts I did last spring.(4 out of 5 took and grew up to 

I am quite encouraged to see that if all I have is tiny bud stock there is 
still hope of propagating. As before, if anyone wants to see the pics and 
can't access yahoo, I'll send as a private attachment.

However, in spite of Bob Purvis' warnings, I didn't get out to unwrap these 
grafts till last week. So I may have un-hardened-off grafts getting ruined 
over winter. Which, is happily over a month late this year.  Anyone 
experimented with antidessicant sprays to help tender grafts survive the 
winter?  Mn. Del z2/3

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