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Fri Nov 23 02:41:16 EST 2001

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I can't say anything about the cold or cool storage of pears, but for 
ripening one doesn't want to get them too warm. An oldish British 
book recommended 50 to 70 degrees F. except some don't like the low 
temperatures near 50 degrees, so be cautious and try 60 degrees until 
you have some experience with your pear varieties. Some limited 
experience suggests that this book was correct. Slightly cool 
ripening (dark, closed container to confine ethylene) gave delicious 
Anjous (ripened after 2 months cold storage). A crock should serve 
very well.

Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

> Hi,
>     Where can I find a resource regarding the ripening of Winter 
> Some require cold storage for a certain length of time, others do 
> How do you know which is which?  I haven't been able to find any
> information on the ripening of Winter pears, except I have seen an
> article once about ripening D'Anjou pears by putting them in cold
> storage like 35 to 38 degrees for a certain length of time and then
> bringing them into the warm house to ripen them.  What is the prime 
> to pick Winter pears?  You certainly can't pick them the same as you
> would pick the earlier ripening pears.  I have picked the El Dorado 
> put them in cold storage (refrigerator) for a period of time and 
> years they turn out all right and other years they never ripen up 
> brought into the warm house.  I only use the El Dorado as an 
> My question is a general one regarding Winter pears.  It is a 
bummer to
> have to put them in a refrigerator for cold storage.  On the other 
> I understand that Conference is not as particular about the cold
> storage.
>     I just picked some beautiful pears off of a tree that was 
> mislabelled.  They are beautiful green pears about twice the size 
of a
> Bartlett.  How do I handle them?
> Thanks,
> Bob Hartman
> Puget Sound area of Western Washington

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