[nafex] Re: Overwintering Potted Seedlings In Coldroom

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Wed Nov 21 21:37:02 EST 2001

Hi Del,

No I don't dip the rootstock in anything before storage.
I'm sure other Nafexers have their unique ways of storing plants in 
pots over winter but here is one that works for me: 
If you have a bundle of roots its important to pack them very tightly 
against each other, put about a 2 inch layer of sawdust on the bottom 
of the container, place the bundle in, and surround the bundle on all 
sides with sawdust and pack it down. If you have a well drained bucket 
you can just soak it, if you don't have a drained bucket, moisten the 
sawdust, but don't put in wet stuff. Over winter there will be 
slightly more moisture on the bottom of the bucket, thus the two inch 
layer helps keep the roots away from that area. Cedar sawdust of 
course prevents mold completely (unless perhaps if the bottom is 
soaking in water) as would peat probably, but I really haven't found 
that necessary. The peat actually might store more water and 
distribute it more evenly as time goes on. Finer (as opposed to 
coarse sawdust or wood shavings) sawdust has these properties to a 
degree as well. I rarely get any mold but when I do its the harmless 
white stuff, not the dark colored strains.
Then I place a white plastic bag over it and tie it with twine.
It wouldn't hurt to check the moisture level every month and a half or 
so but I haven't had to do this the past several years, but 
admittedly, I do worry some. The bag will keep away mice also.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving
Kevin B
Z 3 and 5

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