[nafex] Re: Overwintering Potted Seedlings In Coldroom

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Tue Nov 20 11:48:36 EST 2001

Hi Margie, Hi Tom
I have a very dry root cellar and do enclose my potted rootstocks in 
plastic and don't have to water them all winter. This is important to 
me as it is very difficult to check and water them. I pack the roots 
in sawdust in a 5 gallon bucket and tie a white plastic garbage bag 
over the whole pot, stems and all. 
The only losses I've had were one year when I had no water and had to 
put snow in the pots. It left them too moist and rot got the lower 
roots. I now make sure that they are well drained.
In that dry root cellar I have lost upper portions of plants to the 
dry air and not the roots. Wrapping the entire bucket solves that 
In a root cellar as dry as mine the roots in potted plants can also be 
lost if not watered or enclosed in plastic.
Kevin B 
z 3 and 5

--- In nafex at y..., "Margie Luffman" <luffmanm at E...> wrote:
> Hello Tom. I wouldn't bother with plastic bags. We store a lot of 
potted material in cold storage for the winter and have never had any 
losses. The key is to check regularly and provide water as required.
> Margie
> Margie Luffman
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> >>> tolenio at s... 11/20/01 09:23am >>>
> Hi,
> Most of my potted seedlings are being stored outside for the
> winter, however I am putting 3 special seedlings into a cold
> room for the winter.  My question is in regards to watering
> the pots in the cold room.
> My plan is to keep the pots in a cold room that has an
> average winter temperature of 45F.  The cold room is all
> concrete (floor, walls, ceiling) and is very dry.  I had
> planned to add 1 cup of water to each pot once a month
> during the winter to keep them damp.
> My question is...  Should I put the pots into plastic bags
> to help conserve moisture?  If plastic bags are used, should
> the bags be open, closed tightly, or loosely closed?
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Later,
> Tom
> --
> Thomas Olenio
> Ontario, Canada
> Hardiness Zone 6a
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