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Crandall fruit doesn't have much odor.  The blooms smell like cloves or
carnations, though.
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>Subject: [RibesNAFEX] R. odoratum
>Date: Mon, Nov 19, 2001, 2:18 PM

>Hello List,
>I have a ribe identification issue...
>In my planting I have a number of Crandall currants which I got from Bert
>Dunn.  However, I do not believe they are R. odoratum as these Crandalls
>have very little scent to them.
>The bushes are 2 years old and about 3.5-4' high.  They produced a
>prolific amount of large berries this season, have the lobed leaf of all
>ribes, and have the erratic, weeping growth habit starting.  But there is
>no noticable smell.  If memory serves, the ripening berries did have a
>little of that invigorating currant smell, but it was not intense.
>Can I offer any other information to help form an opinion on exactly what
>I have?  There is no way I would classify this variety as fragrant and I
>believe that fragrance is a big part of the R. odoratum (hence the name).
>Thanks for any help you can offer.

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