[nafex] reply to blueberries/wool/mulch

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 16 21:48:31 EST 2001

Thankyou for all your thoughtful replies, if I can grow a bucket of 
blueberries for my dear wife, a I'll be one happy man!

<Wool and felt wastes are a good source of nitrogen.
<To see the N-P-K values go here;
<       http://www.aces.edu/department/ipm/orgfert.htm

It says wool is up to 2.5 x as nitrogenous as chicken manure....I had no 

<it's relatively high in the sulfur-containing amino acids.                  
         <-Lucky Pittman

I wonder if the sulfer helps the PH?

<Do you do anything to keep rabbits etc from eating the bushes in the 
<We have 7 plants and usually freeze 20 to 30 pints and eat lots <fresh.
<Jim Erdman

We have sheep fence to keep the deer out. Have only seen two rabbits in 4 
years and they both ended up in a pot. Your harvest makes me envious!

<I also have heavy clay... I keep them mulched w' pine needles and
<fertilize w' Hollytone and add an acidifier 1/month for 2 - 3 months
<in the spring.
<How do the plants look otherwise? pale vs. drk green?
<I have heard that adding sand to clay can effectively turn the soil
<to "cement".    Chris Mauchline

The only chemical acidifier I have used was the first year, I have added 
peat moss twice, maybe this is too weak an acidifier?
Haven't heard of hollytone. I'd remember them to have been somewhere between 
pale and dark, but rather stunted growth. these are smaller varieties like 
north-blue, but in 3 years the tallest is 12"
The sand was added to peat and rich loamy garden soil, 18" deep, so it's 
fairly removed from the clay.

<No flowers suggests rabbits.  Check now to see if
<there are fruit buds.
<If you get green berries but no ripe berries, you are probably
<losing them to the birds.    Ginda

I'll go out tomorrow morn and check for buds. I hadn't considered birds, 
although the robins just masacre the nanking baby green cherries here.

In conclusion to this wonderful effort from all of you.....
I'd say my plants don't sound healthy; I'll cover with chicken wire just in 
case rabitts or birds are a problem; and I need to try some more 
ammendments.  thanks so much!  Del

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