[nafex] British Sovereign Strawberries

Betty Mayfield bmayfield at columbia-center.org
Fri Nov 16 15:41:22 EST 2001

Joe's comment about F. chiloensis genes and his question about tastes and
fragrance in early BC clones reminded me of an account of strawberry
hybridizing in  Alaska I read in the book, The Strawberry: History,
Breeding and Physiology by George M. Darrow.

Darrow said that between 1905 and 1923, C.C. Georgeson conducted a
hybridizing program at the Alaska experiment station, which at that time
was located at Sitka (not too far from B.C.) He made crosses between
existing cultivated varieties and F. chiloensis from the southeast Alaska
beaches (winter low of minus 20 to 25 degrees) and F. ovalis from the
interior (winter low to minus 65 degrees). Georgeson found that the F.
chiloensis crosses produced vigorous plants, hardy to minus 50 degrees, and
unsurpassed in flavor. The best selections had been  widely distributed by
1923, when the experiment station closed. 

Perhaps B.C. hybridizers conducted similar experiments.

Betty Mayfield

At 06:30 PM 11/13/2001 -0500,  Joe and Ellen Hecksel wrote:
>Margie Luffman wrote:
>> Hello Jojo. The Canadian Clonal Genebank (CCG) has this older variety in
its strawberry holdings. British Sovereign originated in British Columbia
in the 1920's. The  CCG provides germplasm of this sort at no charge to
clients. Please e-mail back to me to confirm your request. I need your
regular mailing address. The plants will be propagated and shipped next year.
>Are there any other clones that originated in BC?  Memory is a fragile
>thing, but it seems that I vaguely remember BC being the northern limit
>of F. chiloensis (?) and that suggests that there might wild genes might
>be injected that were not available to the early European breeders.
>Just an off the wall question.  Also, are there any interesting tastes
>or more intense fragrance in those older BC clones?
>> Margie Luffman
>> Curator, Canadian Clonal Genebank Program
>> Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
>> Greenhouse and Processing Crops Research Centre
>> 2585 County Road 20
>> Harrow, Ontario
>> N0R 1G0
>                                    -Joe Hecksel
>                                     Eaton Rapids, Michigan
>                                     http://my.voyager.net/~jhecksel

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